Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Delia Mae Pierson has a Special Day!
On Sunday, November 20, 2005 at 3 p.m. Ms. Delia Mae Pierson, daughter of Deanna Pierson was christened by Father James McCreanor at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Homestead. Father Jim had a hard time with the name Delia (he wanted her to be Della) but when corrected, he said her name beautifully with his Irish lilt. Father explained the reasoning for baptism or christening in the Catholic Church and also explained that when we come into the world we wear white and when we leave the world, our casket is covered in white by a cloth named the Pall. His talk was enlightening and enjoyable.
Delia's Godparents are Debi Meneses and Mike Mowry. Delia is the grandaughter of Herb and Patty Pierson. Great Grandma Angie Pierson was also in attendance. The event was attended by a throng of family and friends who were there for this very special young lady.
Delia's heirloom gown was antique design in white eyelet with a flower and cross design and scalloped hem. The bodice was hand smocked in a trellis pattern with pearls. Her collar was diagonal trimmed with tiny white satin bows with a pearl. The sleeves were also scalloped on the hem and trimmed with a white satin bow and a pearl. Delias's hat was also hand sewn from the white eyelet and was made so that on her wedding day, a few snips of thread will turn it into her wedding hankie for something old. Delia's gown and hat were made with love by her adopted "Auntie Doris" who is her Godmother's mother.
The Invisible Insurance Adjusters!!
After waiting and waiting for 29 days, State Farm Insurance finally showed up yesterday at our home. I guess you can say miracles can happen. This was after being told I was priority for the damage and someone would be out within two weeks (yeah...right). I hounded the company with countless phone calls this last week and finally sent them a very demanding letter. They spent three hours at my house taking pictures, measuring, etc. The man's comment was...."Gee I haven't seen a pool enclosure totally disappear like this and the cement tiles from the roof fly like they did in this storm. You must have had a tornado!" I'd only been telling them that for three weeks!!!
Now we get to wait another two weeks before we hear anything on the claim. In the meantime, we are still faced with a $19,000.00 deductible but I guess I should be happen that we well surpassed that mark.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

PICTURE - No...that is not a dock, it is my friend's back porch and yard after Hurricane Katrina in early October. It flooded a portion of her home. She has endured so much and has waited 15 days for electricity after Hurricane Wilma.
It finally happened! My friend Barbara received power last night, November 7, 2005 (her birthday!) about 7 p.m. As I had mentioned in my previous post, I placed a sign on her fence yesterday morning begging for power. During the day, one of the power men from West Virginia whom I stalked early in the morning showed up at her house and said he would see who he could get out. No one came. On my way home from work I once again heard the buzz of Barbara's generator. After I passed her home, I found a Florida Power and Light truck and did a U-Turn so that I could pull over and talk with him. He told me he said nothing would happen today and I was crushed. About 20 minutes later Barbara called me to tell me that there was an FPL man up in a bucket truck fixing her transformer. He even hooked up her meter and then came back to check on her before leaving the area. Maybe stalking does work! If you hear of a crazy woman in a red truck with a Red Hat Mama license plate stalking power people, "You don't know me.!"

Monday, November 07, 2005

We Need Power!!
Since the passing of Hurricane Wilma, many of us have been with out power. Our family waited 13 days. We still do not have phone. My dear friend, Barbara, has been through so many trials this year with the death of two immediate family members, flooding from Hurricane Katrina and now, even though her neighbors have power all around her, she has none and is being overlooked. Today is Barbara's birthday so I placed this sign on her fence this morning at 8 a.m. Maybe we will get some action!

Halloween Antics at the Law Office of John P. Maas

The Law Office of John P. Maas in Homestead, Florida went back to the 50's for Halloween. The employees donned poodle skirts, saddle shoes and pink jackets for the day. The boss was forced to take the employees out to lunch as he did not dress up as a "greaser" for the day.

In the photo left to right are front row, Erika Vento and Lupe Bozelle. Back row is Angie Ore, Lisa Woods, Gina Amador, Carol Morales and Doris Meneses, Office Manager. A great time was had by all.


Our baby, Debi will be marrying Eddy Ruiz on this date. Debi is a full-time college student at Florida International University and works full time as an administrative Support specialist in Risk Management at Jackson South Community Hospital. Debi will also graduate the same week as the wedding!

Eddy earned a master's degree from Florida International University and is employed by Beckman Coulter in Miami as a software development engineer and also is an adjunct professor at ITT Technical Institute.

The couple will be married at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Homestead by Father James McCreanor.