Tuesday, November 08, 2005

PICTURE - No...that is not a dock, it is my friend's back porch and yard after Hurricane Katrina in early October. It flooded a portion of her home. She has endured so much and has waited 15 days for electricity after Hurricane Wilma.
It finally happened! My friend Barbara received power last night, November 7, 2005 (her birthday!) about 7 p.m. As I had mentioned in my previous post, I placed a sign on her fence yesterday morning begging for power. During the day, one of the power men from West Virginia whom I stalked early in the morning showed up at her house and said he would see who he could get out. No one came. On my way home from work I once again heard the buzz of Barbara's generator. After I passed her home, I found a Florida Power and Light truck and did a U-Turn so that I could pull over and talk with him. He told me he said nothing would happen today and I was crushed. About 20 minutes later Barbara called me to tell me that there was an FPL man up in a bucket truck fixing her transformer. He even hooked up her meter and then came back to check on her before leaving the area. Maybe stalking does work! If you hear of a crazy woman in a red truck with a Red Hat Mama license plate stalking power people, "You don't know me.!"

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Harry Everhart said...

It's too late to drain the swamp when you are up to you butt in Gators.