Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Invisible Insurance Adjusters!!
After waiting and waiting for 29 days, State Farm Insurance finally showed up yesterday at our home. I guess you can say miracles can happen. This was after being told I was priority for the damage and someone would be out within two weeks (yeah...right). I hounded the company with countless phone calls this last week and finally sent them a very demanding letter. They spent three hours at my house taking pictures, measuring, etc. The man's comment was...."Gee I haven't seen a pool enclosure totally disappear like this and the cement tiles from the roof fly like they did in this storm. You must have had a tornado!" I'd only been telling them that for three weeks!!!
Now we get to wait another two weeks before we hear anything on the claim. In the meantime, we are still faced with a $19,000.00 deductible but I guess I should be happen that we well surpassed that mark.

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