Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jessica experiences God's Beauty!

Our daughter, Jessica, recently had the wonderful experience of visiting her roommate in Alaska. Her roommate is also a NICU nurse and is on a three month work duty in Alaska so Jessie and her friend, Jen - also a NICU nurse - went to visit. The pictures Jessica sent back are absolutely breathtaking! Here are a few photos to enjoy.
Jessica told me she built a snowman. When I saw the first picture of it, I big snowman. Then I saw another photo where she had fallen in the snow and I realized that Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses usually care for tiny babies so what else would we expect except for a premature snowman! I've been trying to post the snowman pictures but haven't been able to as this BLOG seems to be having problems. I'll try to add it later on.

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