Tuesday, August 29, 2006

UP...UP...AND AWAY............................
This month I was very fortunate to take a weekend girl trip with my daughter Debi. First we went to Valrico and stayed with my friends Sharon and Larry Rhyce. Sharon is a 4th grade teacher and Debi is a first year teacher in 4th grade so she went and shadowed Sharon and received many great suggestions, supplies, etc. from them.

Then....it was on to my daughter Jessie's in Tampa. Jessie is a neonatal nurse at St. Joseph's hospital. She will graduate in December as a neonatal nurse practicioner. Jessie also does flight transport. Keep in mind this is my daughter who used to throw up if someone else did, gag at the sight of blood and never ever go on a thrill ride! Well..we were out shopping and she was on call for transport. Well...she got a call and I was fortunate enough to be able to pull behind the hospital and go and see her take off. I can't believe it. I'm amazed.

Jessie is now flying all over the country interviewing for when she graduates. Hopsitals have already flown her to Philadelphia, St. Louis and Houston. She is going to Atlanta soon.

The pictures above her in her flight suit after the trip (she won't like that picture) and the helicopter lifting off with her in it. We are so very proud of her!

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