Monday, September 04, 2006


Labor Day weekend has been a blast at our house. Jessie came down from Tampa and brought a guy with her! His name is Cade Knouse and he is the son of Jessie's best friends, Tara and Kelly Knouse. Cade is the big brother of two little sisters also and another baby on the way. Whenever Jessie says she is going to Miami, Cade always tells her he wants to go to Yourami too so this time she brought him for the big UM/FSU game. In the pictures above, Cade is seen swimming (he swims like a fish) with my neice, Natalie, the ham and Jessie. Cade just turned 4 on Saturday. He is the best mannered child and such a pleasure to have around. I'm very thankful that Tara and Kelly let us borrow him for the weekend!

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