Wednesday, November 01, 2006

When I was a child, I lived behind the main street in Tamaqua, Pa. I would often go through the back door of a restaurant called the Palma Maria that was owned and operated by the Rosinola family.
The family moved south to Florida and opened a restaurant in the Orlando area called...what else...the Palma Maria! One day I told my sister-in-law about it when I was visiting her in Castleberry. Lo and behold...the restaurant was 2 minutes from her home.
It has become a tradition that the last weekend in October is a girls' weekend where a bunch of my friends get together and go stay with my sister-in-law and attend the annual craft fair in Mt. Dora. My childhood friend, Nancy Fenstermacher, has flown down from Maryland three years in a row for the weekend. Friday evening is always spent at the Palma Maria for dinner and reminicing with the owners of the restaurant. This year my friend Marcie's daughter also attended dinner at the Palma as she lives in Orlando.
I cannot thank Anna, Maryann, Palma and Pete enough as they always make my friends feel like they knew them for years. We talk until we close down the place! Oh....they also make a mean peanut butter pie as well as everything else!
See the pictures below!

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Jay said...

i used to LOVE the palma! the food was great and the girls were even GREATER!

did you know my dad- merle gerhard - the mail man?

and my uncle was roy ackerman - photo for the evening courier!