Sunday, December 10, 2006


Everyone should have at least one aluminum Christmas tree in their home. These trees were popular in the 1960's. My favorite memory of Christmas is sitting and watching my Grammy Krapf's aluminum tree in the bay window with the rotating color wheel casting colors across the tree. A few years ago I asked my Uncle Unky who now lives in my Gram's house, just what happened to the tree. He said he had it and I told him I would love to have it. He never parts with anything but without a word or a note, a few weeks later I had Gram's aluminum tree. My Uncle told me he had bought this Christmas tree for Gram at J.J. Newberry's which was a 5 & 10 cent store in Tamaqua, Pa.

In the meantime, my dear brother, Jay, forwarded to me a Color Wheel for my tree. I am in aluminum heaven! The year before last, my brother also sent me another antique...smaller aluminum tree with color wheel that he purchased on Ebay. I truly love my treasures.

Every home should have at least one aluminum tree!!! Thank you Uncle Unky and Jay!! I cherish these things. Here are my trees! Gram's is the big one on the patio

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