Saturday, February 24, 2007

Girls Perform for Stunned Crowd!

A local Tampa country club was left speechless last night when two young women asked to take over the microphone. Before their families and friends, these two, Jessica Meneses (my shy daughter) and her childhood friend, Jennifer Heese, performed a startling rendition of a "I Will Survive" that will never sound the same again. (I think that Jessie is secretly trying to compete with her Uncle, Tiny Tim Hollenbach from my previous stories). Pictures are below and then click on the links for live performances that will leave you speechless also!
Landscaping 101!

My husband has been working on landscaping our yard. The first job was to add sprinklers and then lay dirt everywhere. Our son, Danny, came and helped move dirt along with Elias' friend, Nick Moreno and my Uncle Jack who was visiting with my Aunt Tootie. We Put them all to work!

A Christening Gown for Gabriela!

I had the distinct pleasure of sewing an antique style christening gown for Ms. Gabriela Morales, daughter of Jose and Carolina Morales (a co-worker) and sister of Daniella Morales. The gown of white cotton eyelet had a bodice that was hand pleated and hand smocked in the trellis stitch. It was embellished with white satin bows on the peter pan pointed collar. Her hat was made out of the same material and with a few snips of the stitches will become her wedding hankie when she marries.

I think you have to agree with me that she looks exactly like a little cupie doll! It was an honor to be able to create this dress for her and the family plans to pass it down for generations.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Get Well Soon...........

Several of our family and friends are sick this week and we are keeping them in our thoughts. Hence the green font for "green in the gills.

It started with Deanna Pierson and abdomen pain....result....appendectomy! Keeping up with her best friend, Debi (my daughter) who has an emergency appendectomy a few years ago and Dee Dee's sister, Gretchen, helped her out in Tallahassee.

Next it was Marcie Heese with abdomen pain....result...a few days in the hospital on antibiotics one week before her son's wedding...oh yeah...heck of a way to get a rest Marcie!

Brother-in-law, Saulo, in California had some miner surgery today. I know he was back on the computer so he must be doing well.

Elias, my husband, is in bed with a fever, etc. Sympathy pains for Saulo? one else get sick please! I hope all of you are on the mend!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Northern Visitors to the South

My Aunt Tootie (Doris) and Uncle Jack from Salem, New Jersey were visitors at our home for a week. The spend several months in Bonita Springs but made it to our home first. We had a great time.

My mother is also here for a little over a month.

Cade Swims in February!
Click the link to see my six year old nephew, Cade, at our cement pond!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tiny Tim Hollenbach!

No one knew the Hollenbach family featured Tiny Tim. Go to the link below!
Cade Cunningham, my great nephew, visited our home with his Pappy. I was waiting at Miami International Airport for my mother who was coming to visit for a month and what a surprise I received! There was my brother, Robert, and his grandson, Cade. Cade is six years old and the son of Charlie and Colette Cunningham of Barnesville, Pa. He is such a trip! Cade told me that he loves me so much that he doesn't have enough words to tell me how much he loves me. Cade and I went on a fieldtrip to the zoo. Here are some pictures of his visit. Click on the link below.