Friday, February 16, 2007

Get Well Soon...........

Several of our family and friends are sick this week and we are keeping them in our thoughts. Hence the green font for "green in the gills.

It started with Deanna Pierson and abdomen pain....result....appendectomy! Keeping up with her best friend, Debi (my daughter) who has an emergency appendectomy a few years ago and Dee Dee's sister, Gretchen, helped her out in Tallahassee.

Next it was Marcie Heese with abdomen pain....result...a few days in the hospital on antibiotics one week before her son's wedding...oh yeah...heck of a way to get a rest Marcie!

Brother-in-law, Saulo, in California had some miner surgery today. I know he was back on the computer so he must be doing well.

Elias, my husband, is in bed with a fever, etc. Sympathy pains for Saulo? one else get sick please! I hope all of you are on the mend!

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