Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Invisible Man....Phil Heese!

In 1992 there was a movie starring Chevy Chase and Daryl Hannah. Chevy Chase became invisible and had to dress head to toe to be seen. Here is our version of the invisible man!

Phil Heese (in picture), husband of my friend, Marcie Heese, is undergoing a treatment called P D T, Photo Dynamic Therapy. On Monday he was injected with a dye. Since the dye was injected, Phil cannot be exposed to any sunlight or it will fry his skin. He must be covered from head to toe and really...stay inside for six weeks. I have never heard of this!

On Wednesday he undewent a procedure where the doctor fed a laser down through his esophagus and then burnt away the bad stuff(scientific term). He did fine but when Marcie was bringing him home, he became very lethargic and non-responsive. Marcie drove to a fire station that was on the corner and they rushed him to the emergency room. The doctors believe it was a reaction to the anesthesia they used as they had a hard time putting him under.

Today Phil had another esophagram to take a look and see if they burnt away all the bad cells. He arrived home safely after this one as they used a different type of anesthesia. They will also do the same tomorrow. Then he will be more or less housebound for six weeks.

He truly is our invisible man! We wish him well and I know everyone will keep him in their prayers.

For more information on the theraphy, go to the following website:

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