Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heisler's Dairy first job!
My first job was scooping ice cream at Heisler's Dairy Bar. We had a wonderful time working there with Pearl and Morris Heisler. I used to call them Mom and Pop. We cemented many strong friendships that continue today by carpooling and working together. Nancy Fenstermacher, Diane Martin, Nancy Jones and Bonny Mohrbach to name a few! What great times we had. I think we should have paid them for working there as we really enjoyed it! Go to the link below to see a local newspaper article on the dairy. The new owner, Leonard, was just a little whipper snapper when we worked there! Every visit home includes a visit to Heisler's for a C.M.P. No one else makes them....vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, marshmallow creme and peanuts!

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