Friday, August 24, 2007

15 years ago today we were walking around in a fog. The previous night was spent huddled in a hallway on a soaking wet floor.....praying that we would live through the monster that was trying to destroy the home we had built and lived in for not even a year. No words were spoken during that storm as the winds were deafening but a volley of prayers were aimed at the heavens and our Father to keep our family and friends alive. We prayed for our daughter, Jessie, who was on a trip in the Bahamas and could not get off the island. We feared for her life and later found out that she did not have to experience the wrath of the storm like we did.

In a small hallway, my husband, our son Danny, daughter Debi and friends, Marcie, Phil and their children, Jonathan and Jennifer huddled together in fear.

We survived but we will never forget..................never!!! It was the hardest life lesson.....for the first time in our lives we felt unable to protect our children and that is a parents' job. Hopefully we will never again experience that feeling. We learned the true value of family and friends.

My youngest daughter always said afterward...."Mami....please don't let it rain." How does a mother stop the rain?

Hurricane Andrew....August 24, 1992.
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