Monday, August 20, 2007

I Am Sew Happy!

My husband has finally finished everything that needed to be done in my new sewing room. Saturday he added shelves to my closet and hung a peg board for my tools, etc. Take a look by going to the link below. It took me two days to stock my closet with the supplies I had in my laundry room/office. It was tiring work and I have decided that I could open my own craft supply/fabric store but hey...."She who dies with the most material wins!" I am a happy woman and I think my husband is happy too because I will be spendingmore time here! He can watch sports all evening long now. The only addition I want to make is a glider chair on the empty wall by the door and then I'll bring in my Ott floor lamp so I can do my hand sewing there. Hope you like it!

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