Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nine Month Report.....

Our daughter Debi, married to Eddy favorite son-in-law, is in her ninth month of pregnancy. Her due date is officially September 12th but they say that the baby is already approximately 6.5 lbs. and is big and in position.

Debi has been having a lot of pain and I just thought she was being a whimp. Well...the doctor has diagnosed her with pelvic separation. This is a rare condition that happens during pregnancy and causes extreme pain

Its symptoms often include one or more of the following:

pubic pain
pubic tenderness to the touch;
lower back pain, especially in the sacro-iliac area
difficulty/pain rolling over in bed
difficulty/pain with stairs, getting in and out of cars, sitting down or getting up, putting on clothes, bending, lifting, standing on one foot, lifting heavy objects, etc.
sciatica (pain in buttocks and down the leg)
"clicking" in the pelvis when walking
waddling gait
difficulty getting started walking, especially after sleep
feeling like hip is out of place or has to pop into place before walking
bladder dysfunction (temporary incontinence at change in position)
knee pain or pain in other areas

Debi has 99.9 percent of the symptoms. Now I feel bad for telling her to suck it up! Ha!
One of the side effects may be a breech delivery, hand by face delivery, head down but facing up or head tilted. All of her ultra sounds are showing the baby with his hands under his chin! Next week she will have an internal exam and hopefully all will be ready to go.
We don't think she will make September. As you can see....she looks huge! These pictures were taken today when we went to lunch.

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