Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Feeling of Being Blessed......

Today I have had time to reflect on the events of yesterday and how blessed I feel I am. My daughter and son-in-law requested that I be the extra person attending the labor and delivery of my first Grandson. I am reflecting what I gained yesterday....

Besides a beautiful gift from God, Alexander Elias Ruiz, I also was able to be blessed in other ways....

  • I was able to feel like I was an integral part of delivering God's gift.
  • I was able to see the gift of true love and dedication that my daughter and her husband have for each other.
  • I was able to experience the true love that the children have for me.
  • I am able to realize that aging is a wonderful gift from God as I am given more blessings along the way.

God was with us in that labor and delivery room and his presence was felt. When I was handed the baby for the first time...maybe 10 minutes after he was born, God led my hands as I didn't plan it, but I made the sign of the cross on his forehead and blessed Alex in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

What more can I ask for in life..........................

Monday, September 17, 2007


Born on September 17, 2007 at 6:47 or 6:43... p.m.

Weight - 8 lbs. 10 oz. and 21 inches long

Mom, Dad and Grammy were present. Mom did a great job and Daddy was fantastic!

Go to the link above and you will see me and my Grammy and also the slide show from my birthday!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Latest Baby Report.........

Here is a note from Debi and Eddy after today's doctor appointment. The pictures are of Debi today.
Hello to all:

I just wanted to let everyone know that it doesn't look like ALex will be born on his due date which is tomorrow...instead, if he is not born by Monday September 17, 2007 I will be induced at 7:00am. The doctor still thinks that he will come before that, although he has been saying that for two weeks! Eddy and I are extremely excited and just tired of waiting! Hopefully the next time you hear from us there will be pictures of our little boy attached!

Eddy & Debi

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Are all Men Stubborn from Birth?

My daughter Debi, who is 9 months pregnant and is beginning to resemble the Michelin girl, is wondering if all men are stubborn. Last week it seemed that all signs were a go for her baby, a boy, to be born. No such luck......through hours of pains with come and go contractions....no baby. Her official due date is September 12th but the doctor said last week that all was ready and he probably would not see her for her next appointment. Well....she's still here and she's still pregnant. I told her husband to hold a flashlight at the "entrance" and yell.,..."go to the light Alex....go to the light!" They are about ready to try anything! We'll let you know when that stubborn boy decides to come out!