Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Never Ask What Else Can Go Wrong! Our Daughter, Debi, is in the Hospital.

I was on my trip this weekend when I received a call from my daughter who was crying that she was going to be admitted to the hospital. You may recall that she had her appendix taken out several years ago and had bad results from that surgery. She just gave birth in September and she was upset. Bottom line.....Debi had surgery today and had her gall bladder taken out. She did well and hopefully will be home tomorrow. Alex, my grandson, is missing his mommy. I have been babysitting and it is quality bonding time. Today is much better than yesterday as we have finally figured out each other's routine. We went for a long walk this morning and he is very content. Debi will be home tomorrow and Eddy will be taking off of work for the next week. He has been with Debi at the hospital and wanted to know if they could also take out her tonsils as that was the only other thing he thought that could go wrong! Ha!

The Palma Maria, Mt. Dora and FRIENDS!

This past weekend was my annual trip to Mt. Dora for their annual craft fair. This year I was accompanied by my friend, Nancy Kirmani from Maryland, Barbara Helms and Patty Pierson from Homestead. We traveled to my sister-in-law's home in Maitland, near Orlando, on Friday. Saturday morning we went to the craft fair where we were met by my friend Marcie Heese, her husband Phil, their daughter Jennifer and her boyfriend James, Nancy's husband, Oscar and Barbara's friend Judy. We walked from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. At the end of the day I received a phone call from my daughter saying she was being admitted to the hospital. We decided to leave the next morning but go to dinner at the Palma Maria in Maitland.

The Palma is owned and run by Anna, Mary Ann, Palma and Pete Rosinola(sp?)from Tamaqua. They used to have a restaurant right in front of my home in Tamaqua, Pa. Of course, a great time was had by all and they always treat us like family. My guests were drooling over the great Italian cooking. It is the best! And oh...their peanut butter pie, banana cream pie and other desserts are to die for!

As I sat reflecting the next day, a tear came to my eye as I realized that at this dinner, I was surrounded by my best friends in the world and there is nothing like having friends at your side. My friends from the Palma who treat me like I am their sister who comes to visit. My childhood friend Nancy who was there with me since elementary school. My friend Marcie who has been there since we met when our daughters were infants. My friend Patty who I met at a craft group and has hung in there with me. My friend Barbara who is my faith partner as well as my friend. She has seen me through thick and thin and stays by my side....all my friends have helped me through life and still love me! Friends are what it is all about.

Here are pictures from our dinner. Pictured left to right are Barbara Helms, Nancy and Oscar Kirmani, Anna, Palma, Mary Ann, myself, Patty Pierson and Marcie Heese.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Next Weekend.....Mt. Dora or bust!
Next weekend is the annual Craft Fair in Mt. Dora, Florida. If you can....you need to attend. It is an event like no other. I will be traveling there along with several friends. I'll keep you updated!

G O C A N E S!
This past weekend my husband, my daughter, Jessie, and myself
traveled to Tallahassee for the FSU vs. Miami game. We left early Friday morning and drove to Tampa to pick up Jessie who had flown to Tampa from her home in Philly to do some temporary work in Tampa. We then traveled on to Tallahassee where we were the guests of my former classmate, Nancy Everhart and her husband, Harry. Nancy and Harry were very instrumental in assisting my family after Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Upon arriving at the Everhart home, we were shown our quarters. Our daughter claimed the suite above the new workshop that they had built and we were given a beautiful room and bath in the house. We talked, we ate and laughed!

On Saturday we tailgated with friends of the Everharts....of course...they were FSU fans but they were great people. We had one other Wisconsin fan who was a friend of a nephew visiting one of the friends. Harry and his friends have the saving of the spot down to a science. They go early and put cars in place and the tent up! We had great food....great drinks and great friendship.

The game. What can I say? It really did not matter who won as it was a great game with continuous action and up until the last minute, you didn't know who was going to win! We had great seats and the weather was in the high 70's.

Sunday morning we left to drive back to Tampa, drop Jessie off for her flight and then travel home.
What a great weekend thanks to our dear friends, the Everharts!

Here are a few pictures including one with Nancy and Harry. Oh....by the way.....my daughter has a really bad habit of getting ready to take someone pictures and then flipping the camera on herself. This ones for you Jessie!!! A self portrait! No....I will not remove it!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Introducing Olivia Rhianne Rosengren

This past weekend we were fortunate enought to drive to Tampa to visit friends and attend the baby shower for a young lady who used to be my children's baby sitter when they were little. Lorie and her husband Richard have just adopted a little girl who is one week younger than my new grandson, Alex. Please go to the link below and view their meeting.

God could not have given Olivia better parents, better Grandman, Linda, Aunt Tanya, Uncle John and good cousins, Sarah and Jonathan! He knew what he was doing when he blessed them with her.

Click on link below......

Cade is my Favorite Wolf!!

Cade is my daughter Jessie's best friend's son. He is 5 and is the older brother of three sisters and another sibling is on the way! Cade's mommy found three little pig costumes for the younger girls but couldn't find a wolf costume for Cade so Jessie asked me if I would make it. It was hard to determine what a wolf looks like without being too scarey but I think you will agree by the pictures that Cade is one good looking wolf! I had the pleasure of personally delivering his outfit to Tampa this weekend. More pictures as soon as the three pigs get their costumes and their mommy, Tara, sends pictures.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Alexander Elias Ruiz is Christened.

Our grandson, Alexander Elias Ruiz, was baptized at Sacred Heart Catholic Church at 1:30 p.m. on October 6, 2007. Alexander was dressed in a bubble romper that was made by his Grammy...me! It featured a pleated bodice with buttons, a bow tie, Peter Pan Collar and an embroidered cross on the belly.

Alex's Godfather is Daniel Jay Meneses, his Uncle on his mother's side and Godmother is Yesenia Nelson, his second cousin on his father's side.

The ceremony was presided over by Father James McCreanor and over 30 family and friends were in attendance to see Alex baptized. A reception followed at his Grammy and Papi's house.

Go to the link below to see the pictures and click on "slideshow" in the upper right of the picture. Make sure you view the captions on the pictures.

My New Kitchen Counter

This week we installed granite on our kitchen counters. We used to have beige ceramic tile which was nice but the grout was a pain and a few of the tiles were chipped. Here is the before and the after...it is great.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Daniel Jay Meneses!

Our baby boy, Danny, will turn 31 years old tomorrow and unfortunately, is out of town for work. We wish you a very very special day as your parents are so proud of you! You were a wonderful little boy who has grown into a fantastic young man!

Mami and Papi love you tremendously!

Oh Baby!!!

Our grandson, Alex, is two weeks old today. He is already changing and is awake more often. On Saturday he will be baptized.