Monday, October 22, 2007

G O C A N E S!
This past weekend my husband, my daughter, Jessie, and myself
traveled to Tallahassee for the FSU vs. Miami game. We left early Friday morning and drove to Tampa to pick up Jessie who had flown to Tampa from her home in Philly to do some temporary work in Tampa. We then traveled on to Tallahassee where we were the guests of my former classmate, Nancy Everhart and her husband, Harry. Nancy and Harry were very instrumental in assisting my family after Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Upon arriving at the Everhart home, we were shown our quarters. Our daughter claimed the suite above the new workshop that they had built and we were given a beautiful room and bath in the house. We talked, we ate and laughed!

On Saturday we tailgated with friends of the Everharts....of course...they were FSU fans but they were great people. We had one other Wisconsin fan who was a friend of a nephew visiting one of the friends. Harry and his friends have the saving of the spot down to a science. They go early and put cars in place and the tent up! We had great food....great drinks and great friendship.

The game. What can I say? It really did not matter who won as it was a great game with continuous action and up until the last minute, you didn't know who was going to win! We had great seats and the weather was in the high 70's.

Sunday morning we left to drive back to Tampa, drop Jessie off for her flight and then travel home.
What a great weekend thanks to our dear friends, the Everharts!

Here are a few pictures including one with Nancy and Harry. the daughter has a really bad habit of getting ready to take someone pictures and then flipping the camera on herself. This ones for you Jessie!!! A self portrait! No....I will not remove it!

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