Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Never Ask What Else Can Go Wrong! Our Daughter, Debi, is in the Hospital.

I was on my trip this weekend when I received a call from my daughter who was crying that she was going to be admitted to the hospital. You may recall that she had her appendix taken out several years ago and had bad results from that surgery. She just gave birth in September and she was upset. Bottom line.....Debi had surgery today and had her gall bladder taken out. She did well and hopefully will be home tomorrow. Alex, my grandson, is missing his mommy. I have been babysitting and it is quality bonding time. Today is much better than yesterday as we have finally figured out each other's routine. We went for a long walk this morning and he is very content. Debi will be home tomorrow and Eddy will be taking off of work for the next week. He has been with Debi at the hospital and wanted to know if they could also take out her tonsils as that was the only other thing he thought that could go wrong! Ha!

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