Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Palma Maria, Mt. Dora and FRIENDS!

This past weekend was my annual trip to Mt. Dora for their annual craft fair. This year I was accompanied by my friend, Nancy Kirmani from Maryland, Barbara Helms and Patty Pierson from Homestead. We traveled to my sister-in-law's home in Maitland, near Orlando, on Friday. Saturday morning we went to the craft fair where we were met by my friend Marcie Heese, her husband Phil, their daughter Jennifer and her boyfriend James, Nancy's husband, Oscar and Barbara's friend Judy. We walked from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. At the end of the day I received a phone call from my daughter saying she was being admitted to the hospital. We decided to leave the next morning but go to dinner at the Palma Maria in Maitland.

The Palma is owned and run by Anna, Mary Ann, Palma and Pete Rosinola(sp?)from Tamaqua. They used to have a restaurant right in front of my home in Tamaqua, Pa. Of course, a great time was had by all and they always treat us like family. My guests were drooling over the great Italian cooking. It is the best! And oh...their peanut butter pie, banana cream pie and other desserts are to die for!

As I sat reflecting the next day, a tear came to my eye as I realized that at this dinner, I was surrounded by my best friends in the world and there is nothing like having friends at your side. My friends from the Palma who treat me like I am their sister who comes to visit. My childhood friend Nancy who was there with me since elementary school. My friend Marcie who has been there since we met when our daughters were infants. My friend Patty who I met at a craft group and has hung in there with me. My friend Barbara who is my faith partner as well as my friend. She has seen me through thick and thin and stays by my side....all my friends have helped me through life and still love me! Friends are what it is all about.

Here are pictures from our dinner. Pictured left to right are Barbara Helms, Nancy and Oscar Kirmani, Anna, Palma, Mary Ann, myself, Patty Pierson and Marcie Heese.

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