Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All I Want For Christmas.....is NOT my two front teeth!
Don't take this e-mail too seriously. Just laugh and go along with it. Live up to the challenge.
Everyone asks...."What do you want for Christmas?" and no one ever answers with what they really want! One year an attorney friend asked me what I was wanted for Christmas. I told him that I was going to ask for mud flaps for my truck. I was truthful...he was stunned that a woman over 50 would want mud flaps for her truck! I received the mud flaps and it was the best gift I got that year! Ha! Everyone knows my red truck is my baby.
In thinking about it....this year...I have decided that everyone should let loose and really say want they want or something that they like. I am going to do just that! Below is a list of things that I just might like to have and won't necessarily buy for myself. I will update this list from time to time as I think of things. Now...before I get a thousand nasty e-mails about how selfish I am, think about it.....I am not saying that I want all of this...I'm just listing some things I think about or things I like.
NOW THE CHALLENGE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I ask that everyone reading this article , family, friend or stranger, leave a comment at the bottom with a little list of their own. I decided it is not being selfish...it's just telling the truth.
Hopefully...this will solve the problem of getting a new sweeper, dust rag, perfume you don't like or something else. Some lists prove to be very varied and interesting.
It goes without saying that all of us would like peace in this world and some of you will say....oh gee...I don't want anything. Come on now...there has got to be at least one thing.
Come on....what would you like.....hints to your spouse.......chores you would like done....family...children.....have at it......send me your list in comments below this story!!!!!!
Crazy things I dream of......
1. A Cargo Space Pack for my pick up - 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 found at http://www.merikor.com/
2. A docking station for my Ipod - the mini one = so that I can play music in my sewing room or any other room.
3. A really good quilt stand or a gift certificate from Joann Fabrics to go toward the cost of one or for sewing supplies.
4. A good pen that writes in blue ink....blue is what I have to use for work. No gel pens allowed.
5. An I-tunes gift card.
6. A comfy chair for my sewing room so that I can sit and do my hand stitching and watch tv.
7. Bright red salt and pepper shakers.
8. My kitchen and family room painted.
9. Dog proof chicken coop with chickens and one rooster. (No...I'm not crazy...just diverse!)
10. Someone to decorate my Christmas tree (the forest usually and I don't do heights) and help me decorate the house...I even decorate the bathrooms!
11. A Rowenta iron for my sewing.
12. A combination machine with side by side expresso and coffee maker.
13. Opal earrings - my birthstone.
14. A male and female finch with cage (my husband will kill me)!
15. A crucifix necklace.
16. A facial
17. Christmas dishes
I'll update this but hope you will respond with your list in the comments. I'll be looking for your comments.
Be truthful!!!! I have it from a great source that SANTA CLAUS READS MY BLOG and besides...it is so nice to dream!!!!!

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Doris Denise Meneses said...

Helen Murphy Slocum responded to this story via e-mail. She would like the following:

1. A new sweeper
2. A dust Rag
3. A bottle of Clinique "Happy" perfume
4. Someone to tear off her hanging wallpaper in her bathroom!