Monday, April 14, 2008

No Whining at the Winery!

This past Sunday, our daughter Debi, her husband Eddy, our grandson Alex, my husband and I went to Schnebly's Winery. I have wanted to go for a while now as several years ago, a client from the office where I work, opened a winery in Homestead, just a mile or so up the road from our home!

Yes....a winery in South Florida. Not just any winery but a winery that produces tropical fruit wines.

We arrived at the winery and entered through the main building. What a beautiful site with the center wine glass tree over the tasting bar. The wood, stained concrete, waterfalls, tropical plantings and tiki huts fill the eyes and ears with wonderful sites and sounds.

Owner Peter Schnebly (shown in picture above) and his wife, Denisse Serge met us in the tasting room. Peter took us on a personalized tour of the winery and it was great. After the tour, we tasted wine...and tasted wine...and tasted wine! I still don't know which one I enjoyed most. fruit, sparkling wines, Category 3 Hurricane wine and many more...oh my!

Now here's a good thing for people who live in the area.....with your tasting fee, you receive your own wine glass. If you come back again, you are entitled to a free glass of wine every day! Maybe I should do that on my way to work every day....not a bad idea some days. They will also do special labels for the bottles of wine for special occasions...i.e....anniversary, birthday, etc. Peter's nephew designs most of the labels.

I picked up pamphlets to put in my guest room as I know many of my guests will want to visit and musicians play at the winery on the weekends. You can sit under the thatched roofs, sip some good wine and listen to various musicians. Even baby Alex had a good time looking at the waterfalls and all the plants and people.

Peter and Denisse are really nice....down to earth..people. Peter said that he built the place as someplace he would like to hang out and I do believe he succeeded! I see a new hang out in my future! :)

Hope you take time to visit too...

Here is a link to some of my pictures and a link to the winery website:

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