Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Company from Pennsylvania

Last Saturday my brother Robert, his daughter Colette, her husband Charlie and their son Cade came to visit for a few days. Colette and Charlie have never been to visit and I think they enjoyed it.....I know I did.

On Sunday, our son Danny and his girlfriend, Amanda came down as well as our daughter Debi, husband Eddy and their son, Alex. We had a cook out and swam in the afternoon. I took Monday off of work and played tourist and took them to the Keys. Charlie tried everything from alligator to blood sausage! Cade got a little too sunburnt but those people are SO WHITE!! LOL!
We also made a few trips to Robert Is Here which is a fruit stand near our home in Florida City. They have the best shakes and exotic fruits and a lot of animals also. Mango shakes, mamey, tamarind, strawberry banana and papaya are just a few of the flavors.
I will say those northerners are full of it as we did have a bathroom flood from a blocked toilet! Ha! Colette and I were in the pool by moonlight as Elias and Charlie mopped out the bathroom! LOL!

Go to the link below to see pictures of the visit.

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