Thursday, August 21, 2008


Our good friend, Helen Slocum, (shown in rear of picture taken when she saw the room for the first time)who we call "Grammy" recently went on a two week vacation to the Old Sod. For the longest time, Grammy has been frustrated with the wallpaper in her bathroom as it was peeling off. I decided to get the job done while she was gone so I went to my husband and Charles and Barbara Rickmond and asked if they were up to it. All said "when and where...let's do it." We also involved our visiting French priest, Fr. Jacques, who is a good friend of Helen's also. When I told Grammy...she argued but I told her it was a done deal so pick the color paint for the bathroom. At that point she said...."You know, I always wanted a yellow bedroom." At that point, bells and whistles went off and I decided we had to do the bedroom and all agreed. For weeks prior to her leaving we had to keep the bedroom a secret.

Grammy was off on her trip and we dug in. It took us a little under two weeks to complete the project but we enjoyed it so much. We peeled and stipped wallpaper, put Kilz on all the walls, painted and scrubbed like crazy. Her patio in the back was pressure cleaned, a herb planter planted and windows cleaned. While doing the painting, every few minutes we would step back and just look at how gorgeous the yellow paint looked. Then we got Fr. Jacques to go shopping with us...dinner first of course.... for new bedding, towels and decorations. It was so much fun!

What a labor of love this was and what a wonderful bonding experience for good friends. You can see the pictures of the work in progress at the link below.

All we can say is that we love you Grammy!

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