Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alex's 1st Birthday

Alexander Ruiz - Born September 17, 2007

This past Saturday our daughter Debi and son-in-law Eddy hosted a first birthday party for our grandson Alex. Alex had a great time. It is amazing how much he has changed in one year. He is now walking all over and chattering like a parrot. He waves and says bye bye and throws kisses. If you ask him how old is Alex, he shows you the one finger and he actually said "one" the other day. Alex also gives high fives and loves to give kisses. Alex has been a blessing to us all. TOO MUCH SUGAR!

Weekend Guests Come to "Your Ami!"

This past weekend we had a very special weekend guest. Ms. Ella Knause from Tampa came to visit with her Aunt Jessica. Ella has always been sad when Jessica would come home to Miami. The kids in the Knause family decided that they want to go to Jessie's Yourami too! Ella's 5 year old brother Cade has already come for a visit and this time it was Ella's turn. Ella is 4 and has two younger sisters and a younger brother! Yep....5 kids but they are all so well behaved and polite.

Ella and Jessie came down for our grandson Alex's birthday. After the party on Saturday, Ella, Jessie and myself swam in the pool and then Ella and I did crafts. Ella also met Georgie...my husband's pet peacock who is wild but comes every day to eat out of his hand. Ella cried because she wanted to stay longer and we would have loved to have her stay longer. Her Mommy and Daddy should be very proud of Ella as she was so well behaved and we just fell in love with her.

Monday, September 08, 2008


by Guest Blogger...

Alexander Elias Ruiz

Hi everyone. My Grammy said it was o.k. for me to write on her blog today because she forgot to tell you that I got to spend a whole weekend with her and Papi at their house a couple of weeks ago.

You see, before Mommy went back to work, she and daddy went to Key West for the weekend. My Uncle Danny picked me up at my school....I wasn't too happy about that...and took me to Grammy's house so I was there when she came home from work on Friday.

I was a good boy on Friday evening and splashed Grammy when I took my bath. I love my bath time and love the water. I went to bed at 7 p.m. and slept all the way until 4 when Grammy gave me a bottle and put me right back to bed.

On Saturday we played all day and then Papi told Grammy to take me in the pool. Oh he knows I just love the pool and I was jumping in...1....2.....3 and dunking under water! I got Grammy up twice Saturday night but I went right back to sleep after she fed me. Oh...and guess what I had for Grammy on both mornings? Yep...I went poopy in my diaper! Tee hee! Grammy called me stinky!

On Sunday morning Grammy got me dressed and took me to 8 a.m. mass. We sat in the crying room but I was a good boy and didn't cry at all! I was so good that Grammy took me to breakfast with the gang from church and I was good there too because Grammy got me French toast and I love to eat! Grammy took me home in her big red truck and do you know what? I fell right asleep! Mommy and Daddy came to pick me up around noon and I was still sleeping from my nap!

I loved my weekend with Grammy and Papi. Here is a picture of me having my breakfast that Saturday sitting in the high chair that my Mommy, Uncle Danny and Aunt Jessica sat in when they were babies.

Yeah.....I know......I know....I'm cute!
The End.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Guess Who is Walking?

It is hard to believe it but Alex, our grandson, has become quite a little man. He now walks all over...except when he is getting into trouble and wants to hurry up.....Debi and Eddy say you can hear the patter of his hands on the floor as he scurries into trouble!
It is even harder to believe that one year ago on September 17th, I was blessed to see my grandson being born.
I'm sure you will agree he is a cutie. Only two teeth yet but he eats everything.
Now...if only I can get him to say "GRAMMY"!

Yes...she found a dress!

Someone reminded me that I forgot to post if our daughter, Jessica, found a wedding dress on our recent trip to Tampa. I am please to respond that we found the dress by lunchtime and it was at the second store that we found it! Of course you will NOT see a picture of it until after March 20th! It was a wonderful trip with my girls.