Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend Guests Come to "Your Ami!"

This past weekend we had a very special weekend guest. Ms. Ella Knause from Tampa came to visit with her Aunt Jessica. Ella has always been sad when Jessica would come home to Miami. The kids in the Knause family decided that they want to go to Jessie's Yourami too! Ella's 5 year old brother Cade has already come for a visit and this time it was Ella's turn. Ella is 4 and has two younger sisters and a younger brother! Yep....5 kids but they are all so well behaved and polite.

Ella and Jessie came down for our grandson Alex's birthday. After the party on Saturday, Ella, Jessie and myself swam in the pool and then Ella and I did crafts. Ella also met Georgie...my husband's pet peacock who is wild but comes every day to eat out of his hand. Ella cried because she wanted to stay longer and we would have loved to have her stay longer. Her Mommy and Daddy should be very proud of Ella as she was so well behaved and we just fell in love with her.

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