Tuesday, October 14, 2008

They Pulled One Over On Me!

For my birthday this year I came home to Tamaqua, Pa. It was a girl trip as my friend Barbara and myself flew to Baltimore to meet up with my friend Nancy. We stayed with Nancy for two days and even got to see Washington, D.C. which I had never seen.

On Saturday, Nancy drove us to Intercourse, Pa. where we met up with my brother, Jay and his wife Rosie and spent the day in Amish Country before traveling to Tamaqua.

On Sunday, the family threw a surprise birthday party with 69 friends and family. On top of that, they had my friend, Marcie, in a blond wig taking tickets at the door (I was supposed to be going to a spaghetti dinner). Marcie flew up from Florida to surprise me and my dear friends, Larry and Jean drove from New York. Classmates, family and friends attended and I can honestly say that I am STILL stunned! What a wonderful time we all had and I am ever so grateful.

Below is some of the video that my brother took. How embarassing!


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Anonymous said...

I still want my basghetti!

El Moco