Wednesday, October 29, 2008


OF 1972

On my recent trip to Pa. I was blessed to have the opportunity to get together with several classmates. Some of them also came to my surprise party. Every time I go home many of us try to meet. It is so good to be able to keep good friends close to your heart matter how long it has been....we just pick up where we left off. There are no fancy airs with us as we respect and love each other as these were our first friends in life. School was an amazing time and it is important to us to keep in touch.

This is me at the Historical Society Museum standing in front of a Drum and Bugle Corp uniform that I wore in Junior and Senior High. I actually played the drums so this was it to a tee. Yes...white majorette boots and all!

Classmates left to right: Debbie Meredith, Diane Martin, Nancy Fenstermacher, my friend Barb from Florida, Linda Weaver, Barb Koch, me and David Burrell. I walked with David at graduation.

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